A message from Charlie

On 17th July 2015 Dad collapsed with a bleed on the brain and nearly died. It's been a long and tough journey recovering and qualifying as a Drone Pilot was a major milestone. 

We took the course together and here we are.. Father and Son with the all important and obligatory CAA approval required to undertake commercial drone activities in the UK. 

We aim to provide the very best of service to clients in Worcestershire and beyond.


Exciting times ahead

Drones will one day be a part of all our lives. We are at the beginning of a massive change in how Drones are used. There are no limits to the applications that can be created so with this in mind we will be creating a Prototyping section dedicated to research and Development programmes. This will run alongside the core drone business of providing Aerial data acquisition i.e Photographic/Video imaging, 3D scanning, building/structure inspections etc.

In conclusion

We provide quality assured and cost effective solutions in the field of UAVs. Safety is key to the way we operate. We train at least twice a week and always in pairs. All equipment is new and checked before and after each flight. Robust procedures result in a well planned trouble free onsite experience for the client.

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