Air-Bourne Drones Limited

Who Are 'Air-Bourne Drones'?

My name is Pete Bourne and together with my son Charlie we have created a completely brilliant company in Droitwich Spa, Worcestershire that encapsulates what a drone business ought to offer in the 21st century, 

Our lovely up to date drones can be used for filming anything from the air that you can think of! 

Video & photography


Sports training data capture

Construction Inspection 

Crop management 

Monitoring Wildlife


We are quite unashamedly - Drone-a-holics. 

Exciting times ahead

Drones are now a part of all our lives. 

We are at the beginning of a massive change in how Drones are used. There are no limits to the applications that can be created so with this in mind we will be creating a Prototyping section dedicated to research and Development programmes. 

This will run alongside the core drone business of providing Aerial data acquisition i.e Photographic/Video imaging, 3D scanning, building/structure inspections.

In conclusion

We provide a fully accredited, quality assured and cost effective solutions in the field of UAVs. 

Safety is key to the way we operate. 

We train at least twice a week and always in pairs. All equipment is new and checked before and after each flight. Robust procedures result in a well planned trouble free onsite experience for the client.

Our focus on safety procedures ensures that you genuinely enjoy working with us. 

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