Bumpcage now on sale in the UK.

Collision tolerant cage for Phantom 4 drone.

BUMPCAGE is now available to Phantom 4 users in the UK. Drone photography and video is made safer using a protective cage.

A game changer


No other cage comes close to ours. For instance we are the only cage with an un-obscured camera view. If you are carrying out close proximity inspection work why would you want the frame structure to be in view of the cameras

"It's like picking up air"


Yes, sounds funny, but that is exactly what one of the women at last years Drone show said on the  Coverdrone stand when she lifted up our cage. Our BUMPCAGE weighs in at a staggering 130 grams.

Dynamic enhancement


An added bonus of utilising our cage is that of improved stability. This is so important when carrying out close proximity work. We actually believe that the Phantom 4 flies more smoothly with our cage on than without. Our extensive testing shows very stable hover stability and no real experience of any degrading in the handling of the P4. Drone cages such as Bumpcage allow safe, close proximity work.

More advantages of using BUMPCAGE.


We have already mentioned weight and flying stability compared to some of the competition, but what about Take off and landing ability, flight time, size, un-affected proximity sensors, speed and safety of fitment etc etc.... We are so so better in so so many ways. drone

The future of drone photography and video


BUMPCAGE is a pivotal product which will have a part in shaping the future of our expanding drone industries. What we have here is not only a means of protecting UAVs and all that may come into contact with them, but it will provide a foothold to all the technologies and tools that one day will be commonplace in our future. To quote that fine band back in the 70's "You ain't seen nothing yet".